Syndicated Aviation Reports

The Market for Connected Digital Applications - 2021
Valour Consultancy’s aim in writing this report is to provide companies interested in the connected applications market with an in-depth and timely review of its present status and likely future development in the aftermath of the pandemic.
The Future of IFE Content – 2021
The follow-up to Valour Consultancy's popular 2017 report on the same topic, this timely update builds on the previous edition and explores the impact of the COVID-19 on the IFE content market.
The Future of In-Flight Entertainment – 2021
This report provides companies interested in the IFE market with detailed information on its present status and likely future development in the aftermath of COVID-19.
The Future of In-Flight Connectivity - 2020
The 4th edition of this highly-acclaimed report features new insight and analysis crucial to a complete understanding of IFC
The Seamless Passenger Journey in Smart Airports - 2020
With a specific focus on the passenger facing journey, this report will provide insight, guidance and trends exploring if, how, where and when new smart technologies will be introduced in airports post COVID-19
The Market for IFEC and CMS Systems on VVIP and Business Aircraft – 2020
A thorough analysis of the current and future market for in-flight connectivity and in-flight entertainment/cabin management systems on VVIP and business aircraft
The Future of Flat Panel Antennas - 2020
Our point of view on how low profile, electronically steered antennas could disrupt various industry segments that rely on satellite connectivity
Whitepaper on how IFC can Drive Passenger Loyalty
Whitepaper on how airlines can boost passenger loyalty with today's connectivity solutions. Hear from industry leaders on pain points, success stories and how they are making passenger connectivity work for their business needs.
In-Flight Connectivity in China, India & Russia – 2019
Quantitative analysis supported by detailed commentary on local drivers and inhibitors, including the role of political influencers.
The Future of Aircraft Seating and In-Seat Power – 2019
Comprehensive analysis of the current and future market for aircraft seating solutions and in-seat power options
The Connected Aircraft: A Survey of Airlines
A survey of airlines aimed at better understanding intentions to adopt connected cockpit and cabin applications
Surveillance versus Tracking Whitepaper – 2016
A free reference document for those looking to better understand the differences between aircraft tracking and aircraft surveillance

Quarterly Trackers

In-Flight Connectivity Tracker
Valour Consultancy delivers a quarterly tracker designed to keep those with an invested interest in the area updated on installation activity and key trends
In-Flight Entertainment Tracker
Valour Consultancy’s newest quarterly tracker provides an unparalleled and comprehensive view of the in-flight entertainment market
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