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The Future of IFEC and CMS on VVIP and Business Aircraft

The Market for IFEC and CMS Systems on VVIP and Business Aircraft – 2022

Rather than an ongoing inhibitor, COVID has acted as a catalyst of recovery and by extension, the use of in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) in business aviation.

This report, now in its third edition, provides companies interested in the market with an in-depth and timely review of its present status and likely future development in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Published Q3 2022

The Future of Flat Panel Antennas – 2023

A deep dive into the new generation of low profile antennas now infiltrating the business aviation segment as an enabler of multi-orbit connectivity. The study includes a write-up of how the competitive environment is maturing and an analysis of which manufacturers are best placed to succeed. Features unit shipments and revenue forecasts out to 2030 for all business jet variants, as well as commercial and military aircraft.

Published Q2 2023

The Future of Advanced Air Mobility - 2024

This inaugural report will delve into the dynamic landscape of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), exploring the main drivers and inhibitors of the market’s future growth, as well as current and anticipated use cases for eVTOL aircraft. The analysis will span the entirety of AAM, examining key topics such as technological advancements, regulatory frameworks, public acceptance, and requisite enabling infrastructure.

Estimated Q4 2024

The Market for IFC in Business Aviation - 2024

Valour’s popular report on the adoption of in-flight connectivity in business aviation is now in its fourth edition. A key focus of this update will be the emergence of new NGSO solutions that will necessitate the move to a multi-orbit, multi-band future defined by software.

Estimated 2H 2024

Free Whitepaper - Business and VVIP Travel Demands Next-Generation Connectivity

There’s no one-size fits all IFC solution in business aviation. What may work for one aircraft owner might not be suitable for another with a different operational profile. This makes it imperative to understand how the industry will evolve in the coming years – not least because we’re at the intersection of a technological revolution that will see the hardware-centric approach of old make way for a future defined by software.

This whitepaper, developed with ST Engineering iDirect, sets out what this software-defined future will look like, and the many ways in which it will benefit the business aviation community.

Published Q2 2023

Free Infographic - IFC in Business Aviation

This free infographic introduces some of the key findings from the connectivity element of Valour Consultancy’s 2022 report, “The Market for IFEC and CMS on VVIP and Business Aircraft“.

Published Q1 2023