Land mobility represents the most recent addition to our syndicated services based on smart transport.

It is centered around the role of connectivity in land applications, such as on buses, cars, coaches, emergency response & military vehicles, and rail. Many of these applications and the industry verticals they operate within are benefitting from the opportunities created by a proliferation of new high-speed satellite and cellular networks.

Our upcoming work in this segment will focus on some of the key areas of disruption, starting with the arrival of next generation low profile flat-panel antennas. All smart transport reports will contain a comprehensive technical overview, market statistics, trends, long-term forecasts and a review of the competitive environment.

The Future of Flat Panel Antennas – 2022

A timely assessment of how the emergence of a new generation of low profile antennas will disrupt comms-on-the-move applications. Featuring installation and revenue forecasts out to 2030.

Preliminary Data – NOW AVAILABLE

Mobility as a Service – TBD

Valour Consultancy is interested to understand the level of interest in a syndicated report exploring Mobility as a Service (MaaS), with a focus on urban environments. Register your interest to discuss the potential scope of this research in more detail.

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