Valour Advisory

A new set of services from Valour Consultancy designed to both leverage and supplement our existing portfolio of in-depth syndicated intelligence

Valour Advisory is the brand for our bespoke, high-end consultancy services

These services are targeted specifically at those with a vested interest in the mobility space.

What We Do (Click Each To Find Out More)
Competitive Intelligence
We’re proficient at examining all manner of competitive landscape – an invaluable skillset for initiatives such as benchmarking, profiling, value chain analysis and ecosystem mapping.
Dedicated Analyst Support
Our experienced team of analysts are on hand to provide one-off or ongoing support, in person or remotely, on projects that require critique or input from an independent third party.
Customer Profiling & Segmentation
We can help you to become more granular with tailored go-to-market campaigns by getting to know your target audiences’ attitudes, behaviours, characteristics and motivations.
Market Sizing & Forecasting
Building on our standard syndicated offering, we provide custom market sizing and forecasts for clients that require a deep-dive into specific products, regions and various other pre-defined segments.
Market and Product Strategy
Conducting bespoke analyses to support strategic planning – whether it be associated with the broader business or a specific product, service, regions or business unit – is our speciality.
User Surveys
We have access to online sample all over the world and can target specific segments of the population. Our analysts will ensure best practice is applied in terms of research design.
Procurement Support
With our combination of market intelligence and network of industry and technical specialists, we provide procurement decision support expertise that may not exist within your organisation. We ensure requirements are met and risks are both highlighted and mitigated by ensuring the most appropriate suppliers are engaged and all pertinent questions are asked.
Areas We Can Help

Our consultancy capabilities extend to a range of technology and topics in and around the aircraft, including (but not limited to:

Ancillary Revenue Generation
Cabin Connectivity
Cockpit Connectivity
Cyber Security
In-Flight Entertainment
In-Flight Entertainment Content
In-Seat Power

Please get in touch with one of team, via the contact details below, to find out more.

Our team of specialists
David Thomas (Click for Bio)
Senior Research Consultant
Theresa Torlai (Click for Bio)
IFEC & Cabin Interiors Consultant
Tullia Ialongo (Click for Bio)
IFEC & Ancillary Consultant
Kim Creaven (Click for Bio)
Digital Ancillary Revenue Consultant
Joshua Flood (Click for Bio)
Senior Research Consultant
Craig Foster (Click for Bio)
Senior Research Consultant
Daniel Welch (Click for Bio)
Senior Research Consultant
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