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For many years now, subscribers to our in-flight connectivity (IFC) and in-flight entertainment (IFE) trackers have been able to gain an unmatched insight into which airlines have deployed which systems, the type of aircraft they are active on and the vendors they are partnered with.

Valour Consultancy’s heritage in IFC actually predates the company’s founding with our analysts having developed reports on its adoption back in 2010 when the likes of Aircell, Row 44 and OnAir (as they were all then known), as well as Panasonic Avionics were seeking to succeed where Connexion by Boeing (CBB) had failed several years earlier. Similarly, we can count on over a decade’s experience in the closely related IFE market and have since become the foremost source of trusted intelligence on all things IFEC with several firsts to our name.

Indeed, 2016 saw us launch the industry’s first ever tracker database providing insight into how installation of IFC is trending on a quarterly basis. This hugely successful product was followed one year later by the launch of its close sibling; a tracker focussing solely on IFE equipage, be it wireless, overhead or seatback in nature. Fast forward to 2024 where the growing confluence of IFE and IFC has seen the acronym “IFEC” become common aviation parlance, we have merged these two trackers into a single, intuitive and comprehensive deliverable with unmatched granularity.

As well as splits by >1,000 airlines and almost 30,000 aircraft, data is segmented by product type, geographic region and fitment type. And we’re constantly working to add new features such as:

  • In the IFE segment, a recent update has seen us add information on content service providers (CSPs) and the type of content shown on systems. This makes it possible to distinguish more traditional “entertainment” offerings with movies, music and games from so-called “engagement” platforms that are centred on ecommerce, destination services and in-seat ordering.
  • For IFC, there are additional splits on connectivity technology type and terminal product, alongside data on annualised service revenues, committed order backlogs and the total addressable market still up for grabs. Subscribers can also learn how access to connectivity is priced (if at all) and, thanks to a new addition, gain an understanding of when upgrades are likely to occur by analysing contract award dates.

Data is obtained via a combination of primary and secondary research with many airlines and various other IFEC stakeholders providing us with an update on equipage each quarter. The numbers are crunched by our dedicated tracker team who work tirelessly to make the data a trusted information source for our clients – the majority of which are long time repeat subscribers. And thanks to our partnership with ch-aviation we are able to show combinations of IFE and/or IFC equipage down to the aircraft tail level, as well as by cabin class for unparalleled depth of analysis.

Our tracker client list includes airlines, IFEC system vendors, connectivity service providers, CSPs, satellite operators, component manufacturers, software developers, investors and various other entities across the value chain.

Each quarter, these companies receive:

  • An Excel workbook containing current and historic installation data.
  • A flat file for ingestion into preferred data visualisation software.
  • An accompanying PowerPoint including details of key headlines during the reporting period created in partnership with Seth Miller, Founder & Editor-in-Chief at PaxEx.Aero, as well as qualitative analysis that adds context to the numbers to aid understanding and analysis.
  • Time with our analysts to answer questions and help make best use of the data.

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