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Report title: The Future of In-Flight Entertainment Content – 2024

The third edition of The Future of IFE Content assesses how the market is recovering in the post-COVID era and how new technologies such as connectivity and the cloud may permanently change content cycles, licensing models and thus the role of vendors across the landscape. However, this change may be necessary for the survival of content licensing in an increasingly connected cabin environment.

With IFC quickly becoming a more integral part of the IFE offering, where does that leave content licensing and the vendors involved?

Businesses need to act quickly to adapt their strategies in order for stored IFE content to work alongside IFC, rather than be fully replaced by it. Since 2020, major new developments have occurred such as edge-caching to allow streaming in areas with poor connectivity, cloud-based content delivery pipelines allowing remote content processing and onboarding in a mere 48 hours, and direct partnerships between airlines and content owners – including streaming platforms.

In this study, we evaluate how these technologies could be drivers or inhibitors for growth and offer insight into where the future opportunities are for IFE content licensing.

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