Valour Consultancy is a UK-based provider of market intelligence services. Founded in 2012, the company has grown rapidly and is renowned for its comprehensive and high-quality research and consultancy services. Having firmly established itself in the aviation space, where many companies rely on its expert insight and analysis, Valour Consultancy has successfully expanded into a number of other markets including, maritime, industrial, drones, police and enterprise body-worn cameras, consumer electronics and more.

The company continues to operate in accordance with the three core values it was founded on – Honesty, Trust and Time. Doing so has enabled Valour Consultancy to deliver detailed and meaningful insight and establish long-lasting relationships in the process.

What we offer

– Syndicated research reports
– Custom research and consulting
– Whitepapers
– Survey design and analysis
– Databases and tracker products
– Market briefings
– Public speaking
– Panel discussions and webinars

Our Core Values



This means that we are up-front and honest about our research process – if we make any assumptions when developing market forecasts, we are not afraid to share them. Our research methodology is always clearly explained and relies upon a variety of sources. A cornerstone of Valour’s analysis is primary research obtained from telephone and face-to-face interviews with marketing professionals, product managers and various other staff from across the value chain.



Clients are given the opportunity to assist with the report scoping process. By actively encouraging feedback on every stage of a project – from inception right through to delivery of preliminary data and beyond – we provide intelligence that is unrivalled in its accuracy and importantly, information that people can trust. Unless we have the express permission to do so, we do not quote interviewees in any of our reports. All information obtained is used on an aggregated basis to establish market trends, sizes and likely future directions.



We recognise that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to conducting research and always devote the requisite amount of time to getting a job done properly. It is often the case that the more dynamic and nascent markets require a quick turnaround to ensure information is not already out of date before it is published. That said, there are many other markets where nothing but a thorough overview will do and we’ll happily spend six months or more on a project if necessary.

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