UAVs are a Key Enabler in Construction

Many people believe UAVs will become a big deal in the commercial construction space.

Companies like 3DR, Parrot, DJI and many others have bet big on this assumption.

We believe more than a 150,000 UAVs will be in active use in the asset, building (construction), land and mining inspection/surveying globally in 2017.

A prime example of drones being used in this area is Carillion, a UK-based facilities management and construction company.

The company’s Head of Building Surveying Services, Phil Neenan, highlighted how the company is deploying drones to gain better access to buildings and hard to reach areas.

This can vary from sloping rooftops to soft ground that will be damaged by the use of heavy vehicles/equipment.

Phil stated, “Using drones allows us to access sites without causing any disruption, and it’s much cheaper and faster to hire a drone than to raise scaffolding.

“Most importantly, by removing the need to work at height, they make our job safer.” For more information on this article, click here.

Furthermore, the capabilities of how UAVs examine different structures with high definition images, advanced thermographic and ultrasonic sensors makes a big difference to the level of details that can be retrieved.

Carillion use an external supplier called Team UAV,  but they have also used other drone operators such as the Drone Company, and Iron Bird.

The Drone Company, based in Kent, consists of 5 operators and has over 1,000 hours of flight time. Iron Bird is based in Liverpool and the business predominantly focuses on the filmography and entertainment sector.

Other notable projects that Carillion have used UAVs are the Royal Liverpool Hospital, and Birmingham Library.

For more information about the commercial UAV market, please click here.

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