IFE Tracker – What is it?

As part of our aviation portfolio, and to supplement our in-depth annual deep dive into the in-flight entertainment market, Valour Consultancy delivers a quarterly tracker designed to keep those with a vested interest in the area updated on IFE installation activity and key trends.

Unlike other quarterly trackers, the IFE tracker is extremely rich in data with various splits. Offering a comprehensive breakdown of all inflight entertainment systems, insight includes:

  • Total IFE equipped aircraft by product type (seatback, overhead, fixed installation W-IFE, portable W-IFE)
  • Total IFE equipped aircraft by service provider and equipment providers
  • Total IFE equipped aircraft by airline
  • Total IFE equipped aircraft by fitment type (retrofit / line fitment)
  • Total IFE equipped aircraft by aircraft size (wide-body / narrow-body / regional jet / turnoprops)
  • Total IFE equipped aircraft by aircraft type (A330 / B787 / E175 etc.)
  • Total IFE equipped aircraft by region (North America, Central & South America, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia-Pacific)
  • Total W-IFE equipped aircraft by connectivity (Internet-enabled / not Internet-enabled)
  • Share of quarterly installations and the total installed base by service provider and airline

In terms of deliverables, a comprehensive Excel file shows data attributed to the most recent four quarters, while a PowerPoint summary adds context to the numbers highlighting quarter-on-quarter changes and the likely impact of industry announcements during the reporting period on our core forecasts. Both documents are being constantly shaped by existing clients to ensure the tracker evolves with industry needs and requirements.

How is data collected?

There are three layers to our data collection approach:

  • Like most of our research, the quarterly tracker relies heavily on our relationship with the IFE supply chain. We receive reported data from various service providers, equipment manufacturers and airlines from all over the world.
  • We supplement our primary data with relevant information from service providers’ quarterly investor announcements.
  • Finally, we fill in any gaps with secondary research using reputable sources.

Who would be interested in the quarterly tracker?

Currently, we have a number of subscribers to this quarterly tracker, ranging from service providers, hardware manufacturers, satellite operators and airlines – all with a vested interest in keeping a close eye on the performance and evolution of the IFE sector.

Service providers

  • Understand how you are performing versus the competition in terms of the overall installed base and activity each quarter.
  • See the latest industry news, announcements and new partnerships summarised in one easy-to-digest dashboard.
  • Quickly uncover emerging technology trends and keep a close eye on the adoption of IFE in previously untapped regions.


  • Impartial analysis of inflight entertainment systems.
  • Get clarity on your own IFE investment by uncovering which technologies are being adopted, by whom and when.
  • Gain an understanding as to which airlines are adopting IFE alongside in-flight connectivity.

Hardware manufacturers

  • Understand the potential value of the market for your own product portfolio.
  • Uncover existing and future trends and opportunities in the IFE sector.

How much does the IFE tracker cost?

The pricing of our quarterly W-IFE tracker is based on a 1-year subscription (4 quarters of deliverables) costing GBP £4,000. Discounts are available for those that purchase additional reports.

If you would like to know more about this product or if you would like to become a subscriber, please contact info@valourconsultancy.com.