Valour Consultancy’s research and analysis pertaining to in-flight connectivity adoption is excellent. It helps us understand how the market is expected to grow in the future, and predict whether airlines will aim to launch IFC services on its fleet.

General Manager

Valour Consultancy’s report on the seamless passenger journey in smart airports has been an invaluable tool in enhancing our understanding of the market and for internal strategic planning. We also find that the team are very responsive and always on hand to answer follow-up questions and provide ongoing support.

Strategist and Senior Analyst

The new report on aircraft seating and in-seat power systems provides a very comprehensive market and industry landscape information – the first of its kind containing that level of detail.

Head of Marketing and Programs

The Future of Aircraft Seating and In-Seat Power report came at a pivotal time for us as we look to the future of our in-flight offering. It has helped shape our internal strategies and highlighted areas we need to dig into more deeply. Valour has become a trusted resource and partner.

Customer Experience, SBC Inflight

The Future of Aircraft Seating and In-Seat Power is an invaluable resource that has helped support our sales strategy and better understand some of the industry’s requirements. It is also the only report we’ve seen that has allowed us to accurately benchmark ourselves against the competition.

Director of Commercial Airline Sales

It is impressive to see how Valour Consultancy has grown across the aero connectivity and maritime sectors, while always maintaining the best in class analysis. The team have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort speaking to maritime companies and I have no doubt the study will benefit any company like Inmarsat to make the right decisions.

Market Research & Competitive Intelligence

Valour’s maritime connectivity report provides the most comprehensive, detailed understanding of the market, with clear independent insights into the market trends and inhibitors. We use this report as the bible for our business strategy and marketing on what is happening in the industry.

Managing Director

The Future of Maritime Connectivity is a truly insightful report; the information provided is extensive yet thorough. We believe that the comprehensiveness of the delivered information and analyses truly sets Valour’s report from any others on the same topic. We would also like to thank the team for being easily accessible and responsive.

Analyst, EON Group

Valour Consultancy’s report on The Future of Body Worn Cameras and Systems is well written, detailed and an excellent insight into the key markets. The analysis of the global law enforcement market was extensive and provided us with valuable industry information of this evolving market.

Product Marketing Director

I have partnered with Valour Consultancy on multiple occasions and they have consistently delivered extremely thorough and pertinent information on complex market subjects. Not only do they deliver detailed information that is typically very challenging to track down, but they are extremely helpful and responsive to requests.

Product Manager

Valour Consultancy’s report on wireless in-flight entertainment is tremendously detailed and offers a thorough explanation of the key underlying trends at play. The authors are also very accessible for clarification or indeed to review thoughts on trends and latest developments. This is very helpful in such a rapidly evolving market.


In a global market as dynamic as in-flight connectivity, Valour has established itself as a reliable source of market intelligence and insightful analysis. The team is responsive to requests and clearly engaged in improving an already impressive product.

Sales and Marketing Executive