Joshua Flood (UK)

Senior Research Consultant

Joshua Flood is a senior research consultant at Valour Consultancy. He runs the maritime research division and contributes to projects touching aviation connectivity, commercial UAS, enterprise body-worn cameras and other wearable tech.

Craig Foster (UK)

Senior Research Consultant

Craig Foster is a senior research consultant at Valour Consultancy. He has extensive experience covering a wide variety of technology markets including the Internet of Things, M2M, smart home, smart grid, home energy management, maritime VSAT and in-flight entertainment and connectivity.

Daniel Welch (Australia)

Senior Research Consultant

Like Craig and Josh, Dan is a senior research consultant at Valour Consultancy. His background is in consumer to consumer research, having spent 5+ years at Ipsos, one of the largest research organisations in the world. During this period, Dan was responsible for building Ipsos’ mobile research business, both in Asia Pacific and the UK.

John Devlin (UK)

Senior Research Consultant

John has 20+ years of analyst experience specialising in Payments, Authentication, Identity (P.A.ID) and Security of people, devices and transactions. John recently joined forces with Valour to expand our research and consultancy services across a broader range of industry verticals. John’s expertise helps us to support clients in an increasingly digitised and connected world.

David Whelan (UK)

Research Analyst

David joined Valour Consultancy in 2019 and is based in London, UK. He works across both the maritime and aviation sectors and has most recently authored reports on maritime connectivity and in-flight entertainment.

Kelly Rayworth (UK)

Market Intelligence Analyst

Kelly is the newest member of the team. Based in the UK, she has over a decade of experience in the mobility sector and prior to joining Valour, was a key member of IMDC, an aviation consultancy that was eventually acquired by Global Eagle. Her role with Valour involves running our flagship quarterly IFE and…