Published: May 2019

In October 2015, Valour Consultancy published “The Future of Wireless In-Flight Entertainment”, which has been roundly described as the premier source of information on this quickly growing category. As well as updating the information contained within the previous iteration, this new expanded edition provides a detailed view of other types of in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems for an all-encompassing view of the market. As such, it has been renamed simply as “The Future of In-Flight Entertainment” to reflect the inclusion not just of wireless in-flight entertainment (W-IFE) systems, but also of embedded, overhead and portable systems.

Alongside an exhaustive discussion of key drivers and inhibitors of market growth, this report quantifies IFE system shipments and revenue between 2016 and 2026. Data is split by product type, fitment type, aircraft size and geographic region. Further, a comprehensive section on the competitive environment includes detailed profiles of key companies active within the market, as well as their market shares. This, in addition to similarly detailed information on all the key technology trends at play.

The previous edition of this report was purchased by a total of 16 companies across the IFE value chain. At 154 pages, 45 tables and 23 charts and figures, this new publication is the most comprehensive of its kind and represents a must-have resource for keeping abreast of the IFE market. For those keen to keep a more regular eye on the rapidly moving W-IFE space, in particular, we also publish detailed statistics on its development every quarter and purchasers of this report can have access to this data for a discounted incremental fee.

Key questions answered by the report include:

  • To establish how many aircraft were equipped with IFE systems in 2016.
  • To forecast how quickly the number of IFE-equipped aircraft will grow over the next ten years.
  • To analyse how the number of IFE-equipped aircraft breaks down by product type (embedded, overhead, W-IFE and portable).
  • To analyse how the number of IFE-equipped aircraft varies by geographic region.
  • To show how annual installations vary by product type, fitment type, aircraft size and geography.
  • To examine how adoption of W-IFE will grow with IFC and as a standalone product.
  • To understand whether W-IFE will replace or complement traditional seatback and overhead systems.
  • To provide an understanding of the IFE value chain.
  • To accurately assess market shares of those active in the market.
  • To document key players and the features, functionalities and capabilities of their offerings.
  • To understand different IFE business models.
  • To estimate the size of the market for IFE hardware and key components.
  • To outline key drivers and inhibitors of market growth.

To find out more, or to order a copy of the report, send us an email. Alternatively, you can use the contact us form.

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