Published: May 2018

“The Future of In-Flight Connectivity” has quickly become Valour Consultancy’s flagship report – now in its 3rd edition. As well as updates to the information contained within the previous iterations, this new report represents a timely update for any company with an interest in this exciting and fast-moving market. Why do we say timely? IFC adoption is finally gathering pace outside of North America, a host of new players are jockeying for position in a re-invigorated U.S. market, while service providers continue to roll out next-generation equipment that promises to make the very best of additional HTS bandwidth now coming online.

Alongside a lengthy discussion of key drivers and inhibitors of market growth, this report quantifies IFC system shipments, installed base and revenue, both historically (between 2010 and 2017) and into the future (forecast data between 2018 and 2026). Data will be segmented by fitment type, aircraft size, connectivity technology and geographic region with a full qualitative discussion of the key trends at play in support of this.

Some key questions answered by this report include:

  • How quickly will the number of connected aircraft grow between now and 2026?
  • What is the number of connected narrow-body, wide-body and regional jets?
  • How do LCC’s view IFC and which business models are evolving in this segment of the market?
  • How are satellite operators engineering their services to meet the needs of increasingly bandwidth-hungry passengers?
  • What are the current and forecast service revenues, potential cost savings and expenses associated with implementing IFC?
  • Capacity ownership versus capacity re-sellers. Who is right?
  • What is the current and future size of the market for key IFC hardware (in terms of revenues, unit shipments and ASPs)?
  • Who are the leading: suppliers of IFC hardware; connectivity service providers; airlines; satellite operators?
  • What are the key drivers and inhibitors of market growth?
  • How is the competitive landscape changing and how will the entrance of new players affect market dynamics?

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