How does the Airware-Red Bird integration stack up?

In 2011, Airware started with the goal of developing a standard application for drone operations. Since the company’s inception, it has developed a cross-manufacturer drone fleet controller and an in-depth integrated data management system. Its solution is extensively used globally and by a plethora of different markets: insurance, construction, mining, utilities (including telecommunications), oil and gas, and environmental and relief agencies. Their data can be integrated into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to produce reports and action-plans.

Redbird is a 2D and 3D drone mapping enterprise based in Paris, France and principally concentrating on the mining and earth-moving industries. Their expertise is in photogrammetry and topography analysis. They have used this expertise to model vegetation height adjacent to elevated power lines, to inspect infrastructures such as bridges and dams and even been able to inspect buildings internally where no GPS signal is available.

How will this combining of forces work?

  • The combination creates a full-spectrum service for the mining, earth-moving and utility industries.
  • Furthermore, it opens doors for Redbird’s experts into other industries.
  • Together these companies have a team of over 140 technical experts and project (field operations) managers which includes 3D modelling and image analysis allowing crack detection in large concrete constructions. This, in turn, with Airware’s ERP integration means that civil authorities and utility companies can plan workflow with increased accuracy and economic savings.
  • This combination also allows environmental monitoring, legislation compliance, operations optimisation and production tracking to reach new levels of efficiency and economy.

There is also a multinational aspect to this acquisition in that, rather than having agencies or branch offices, the Californian Company now has a major European drone industry player as part of its stable which will doubtless open EC doors that might otherwise have looked askance at an American interloper.

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